Support OEM & ODM Orders

ASTOUCH specializes in OEM and ODM production. Founded in 2005, ASTOUCH focuses on technological innovation and has been working in the field of professional products for more than ten years. The business display product industry covers a wide range, and at the same time, the company has established a vibrant, high-quality, youthful, and professional R&D team. With deep accumulation in international trade and e-commerce operation organizations, R&D teams, partners, and other aspects, business operators can quickly communicate with customers and users, forming good information interaction and business communication.

The company's business scope mainly includes: educational conference all-in-one machines, LCD displays, digital signage, self-service inquiry machines, intelligent terminals, ID verification machines, self-service ordering machines, touch coffee tables, LCD splicing screens, etc. The products have been widely used in industries such as banking, security, education, hospitals, government, public security, hotels, transportation, buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, entertainment, etc.

ASTOUCH's OEM and ODM, have significant advantages and quality assurance ——

Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of ASTOUCH's survival, ensuring product quality and making customers more confident and satisfied is the reason why customers choose ASTOUCH;

ASTOUCH's product system is rich and cost-effective, meeting the needs of different users in all scenarios;

We balance opportunities and risks with our clients, respond quickly to their needs, respect rules and processes, and achieve sustainable development;

We promise to provide customers with high-quality products, services, and solutions, allowing them to experience our commitment to creating value for every customer.

Introduction to some products

Interactive Touch Whiteboard

CMS and multi-user accounts for easy and more flexible control on your own data, pictures and videos ANYTIME ANYWHERE. Use the interactive display’s speaker and camera by connecting your laptop to the screen with a USB-C cable. Work at the speed of thought & Multi-tasking Open.

Smart Touch Nano Blackboard

The nano touch blackboard is a revolutionary intelligent interactive teaching device. It integrates nano touch, LCD display, and computer host, covering functions such as touch interaction, multimedia teaching, and chalk writing, seamlessly connecting traditional teaching blackboards with perceptible interactive blackboards. Equipped with dustproof, waterproof, anti riot, and visual protection features, combined with audio-visual technology, intelligent teaching, anti glare technology, green eye protection, 178 viewing angles, without affecting the viewing of the outer two rows of students. Nano intelligent interactive touch technology, meeting the simultaneous interaction of multiple people; Full HD LED with clear graphics and prominent details; High configuration industrial control OPS host, wireless internet access, USB storage.

Digital Signage

Astouch incorporates the most advanced technology to deliver best-in-class interactive 4K CHD displays with improved viewing experience, high touch accuracy, inibuilt stereo speakers, and maximum protection from impact, dust and moisture. Each display can have an Digital signage software for remotely Monitoring System and changing the content. It allows you to check each display’s current heath status and easily to control display’s brightness, temperature and fans. And all these controls without you being at the site. You can have all controls via a PC or a smart phone anytime anywhere.

Industrial monitor and LED panel

Industrial Display Kit series provide wide size range of industrial LCD panels, touch screens, AD board, OSD board, lvds cables, inverter,etc. Indoor application and outdoor application available, from 250~1500nits. ASTOUCH also provide customization services like: Backlight Enhancement, Touch Panel Integration, Optical Bonding and LVDS Cable Customization Services.