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touch screen kiosk interactive kiosk
touch screen kiosk interactive kiosk
touch screen kiosk interactive kiosk
touch screen kiosk interactive kiosk
touch screen kiosk interactive kiosk

Сенсорный экран для рекламы в киоске (черный)

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5000кусок / месяц
Оригинальное происхождение
Шэньчжэнь, Гуандун, Китай
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Model Description
A LCD touch screen kiosk is a large touch screen computer that features a touch-sensitive screen measuring diagonally. This type of kiosk is designed for indoor use and is often used in retail stores as an interactive digital display.
The large size of the touch screen makes it ideal for displaying high-quality images or videos, and the touch screen technology allows for high-precision touch response, making it ideal for interactive experiences such as product browsing, ordering, or wayfinding.
  • PCAP 10 Point Lobby Kiosk are built-to withstand busy retail and commercial environments and really stand-out from the crowd.
  • Incredibly sleek, stylish and slim yet extremely visible with a choice of sizes ; 49″ 700 Nits and 43″ 700 Nits.
  • The high quality Vestel IPS professional commercial E-LED FHD displays, provide an impactful image quality, with many features such as SoC & Built-in on/off timers, which can be easily set via the Remote Control, with RC Batteries included.
  • Our robust Lectern Landscape kiosks are available as standard in black or can be custom designed in any RAL colour finish to suit your branding with a brushed stainless-steel trim outer frame, 4mm toughened and tempered impact-resistant glass completes the product.
  • For piece of mind a commercial warranty is included and is designed to run problem free 24/7.
Product Features
Astouch the  LCD screen adopts the new generation LED backlight technology, which improves the brightness of the LCD screen by modifying the original LCD backlight, allowing the to clearly display and play videos.
  • Screen size: 21.5inch~65inch.
  • Touch option: IR multi touch or PCAP touch.
  • Color: white/ silver/ black/ customized colors.
  • Metal framework with tempered glass for protection.
  • High definition LED/LCD displays with wide viewing angles.
  • Users can intuitively scroll through staff, departments, amenities, meeting rooms, and much more to find full location and contact information.
  • Large easy to read, high impact display.
  • Perfect for wayfinding, directories, airports, line busting, check in, retail merchandising and marketing applications.
  • Integrated PC provides seamless All-In-One solution with no loose cables or connections.
  • User friendly touch screen – pinch, zoom and swipe.
  • Enhance your brand with vinyl wraps, signage.
Product Description
4K Ultra HD 
Combined with 4K Ultra HD and H.265 technologies deliver a crisp, clear, smooth experience. On-screen real-time page turning and annotation make truly flexible collaboration simply effortless, great viewing experience from any angle and distance.
10 Point Multi-touch
Having up to 10 touch points allows for a wider variety of applications than ever before. This kind of functionality allows you to manipulate images, zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a domestic tablet. It also allows for muliple users interacing with the screen at one time.
LED Backlight
Improved brightness and contrast as well as improving their lifespan and reducing their power consumption. Unlike other forms of light this technology is mercury free; making it even more eco-friendly. This technology increases the lifespan and reduces the power consumption by aroucnd 30%. 
24/7 Usage
Built with commercial grade panel and components these displays are designed to run 24/7 in constant use; unlike domestic tablets. The panel also has a lifespan of over 50000 hours of continuous use. They can also be used in landscape or portrait orientation. 

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